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  1. Hey all I have a 2013 A7 black edition, does anyone know if I can get the sweeping rear indicators as an after market fit to replace the stock ones? I can't seem to find any.
  2. Thanks Gareth, much appreciated and thank you for your time 😊 all received and understood 😊
  3. Hey Gareth, the 21s are standard, they come with the black edition model. Thank you so much for replying, I just want to see if I can put tyres on these wheels with more side wall for comfort and lower cost ?
  4. Hey I have an A7 black edition 2013 and I need 4 new tyres, currently I'm on 275 30 21 can I change the profile and width on these without messing up the AWD system? It's a bit bumpy currently and would like to smooth that out as well as find cheaper tyres as currently the cheapest are Dunlop's at 250 a corner 😮😮😮 help!
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