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  1. It's also had 2 private plates on it aswell..that shouldn't be a problem should it
  2. Yes it's for a rs6 i own..I'll look up where the nearest dealership is to me..thanks
  3. How do you go about getting a paper copy of a cars service history from the dealers
  4. Yes that's correct I've found out the hard way by not checking..I towed with a 2013 model with adaptive air suspension and naturally thought the newer one with drc would be the same but I was wrong...any how I removed the cylinders to fit the bar and repositioned them under it to get me away this last few months but its time now to take the bar off and sell the car and buy one that Is type approved for towing..I went through dvsa..vca and even audi to see if there was a way round it but there isn' do your checks first and don't get caught out like I did
  5. Kevin hall


    What brand engine oil and spec are people using in there RS6 2015 model
  6. Why is it some c7 rs6's can be used for towing and some not..seems earlier models can .2013 models can
  7. Why is it some c7 rs6's can be used for towing and some can't..seems to be early models can
  8. Hi..can anyone tell me what the mass vehicle weight is on a 2013 c7 rs6 avant..its the second number down in kgs on the vin sticker so i can calculate what it can tow as thinking of buying one..thanks