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  1. Hi Gareth Correct, I have made that decision.And put like that, it does seem a bit absurd I grant you 🙂. However, I've never test driven a car I've bought before. Odd I know, but I'm not sure you get a huge amount out of a 20 min spin round the block. That said, I would test drive this one, but I simply cant find anywhere that has one I can test. My current family car I've had for two years. I looked inside it, but never drove it before committing, and love it. But with that one, I found a number of reviews of the particular engine I bought, but I can't find any of the 1.0 A3. Which I why I was hoping for some other opinions from people on here. I'm more interested in the car interior when I buy. And the S line with the comfort and sounds pack looks awesome. But I just wish I had a bit more info about the engine. Cheers Rob
  2. Hi all New hear, so hello. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything in the search. I've ordered the new A3 s-line in a 1.0 TFSI 30 engine. It turns up in two weeks, so I'm inside my "cooling off" period. I'm now getting concerned that 110bhp may be a bit sluggish. I'm no petrol head. Most of my driving will be short journeys, with the odd motorway journey every couple of months. Unfortunately, no deals near me have the 1.0 to test, only the 1.5. So I was hoping someone on here may've driven the two and could give an opinion on whether the 1.0 feels under powered or not. I know the difference is only 2 seconds in the 0-60. And that any opinion is of course subjective. But I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has driven it, or even better driven both. I just want something that will still be fun to drive, I know neither is near the hot hatch spec, and that's not what I want. But I dont want to feel completely powerless. It's a three year lease, and I dont want to regret my decision. Thanks in advance. Rob