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  1. Hi guys, I havent been very active on here since I joined in October but I'm hoping to change that now I've finished this years Rally for Heroes and before I start it all off again. I'm hoping to get a few more Audi's onto the next event as we were matched by the BMW crowd this time around with 8 cars each. The Audi's that did come along were a S4 (MRC prep'd 500Bhp), S5 (mine), S6, 3x TT's, A3 and a 80 Cabrio so a great range of which I've added a few photos of them. I'm still based out in Germany at the moment but hoping to be getting back to the UK permanently by the end of the year so wondering if there are many people from the North East on here? I'm going to be hopefully based out of Catterick but living between Durham and Sunderland so looking to get involved with organising events and meets where ever possible. Are there any signature events for this club? Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  2. Due to pick up an Audi S5 in the near future and just wondered if anyone knows the best place to pick up Gloss Black Grills, Diffuser and Fog Light inserts? I'll also be looking at getting the wheels Powder Coated to match so any contacts there would be appreciated too.... thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys and gals, Just about to buy a 08 plate S5 and should be picking up on the 23rd October. Really looking forward to it as currently driving a 62 plate 320d M Sport and its boring me to hell!! Just a little bit about me, I'm a member of the Armed Forces and currently based out in Paderborn, Germany for my sins. I get back as often as I can to the UK and love to take part in meets and support the clubs I'm involved in. I'm also the Founder of Rally for Heroes which is a driving event that raises money for Forces Charities by driving the best roads Europe has to offer and open up some places that other events just cant get into. If you like the sounds of it check out my website www.rallyforheroes.com and let me know what you think. Once I've picked the car up I'll get some pictures up too. Thanks Mick
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