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  1. Hello everyone, So I have just bought a 2017 A4 Black Edition which was advertised as Sat Nav enabled. Every time I switch the car on, its brings up a message saying SD card has been removed. The dealership told me that all you need is a SD card which apparently you can just buy from eBay. After quite abit of research now and I'm still pretty lost on the compatibility with my vehicle or how this works because it seems there is zero information online about the newer B9's and the maps. My software version is: MHS2_ER_AU_XXXXX Which I believe is the Mib2 type but I can't seem to find any maps for this type. I have spoken to Audi and not only will it take a long time to order but they are charging £310 which I'm not too happy to pay. If anyone has some better insight on this topic or can help me find a better solution than buying from Audi.