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  1. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this has been made elsewhere, I'm new to the community. Could anybody tell me the pipe name (type) so I can get it replaced. I'm trying to clean up my bay before I give my A3 a service. Cheers 🙂
  2. Cheers mate, I don't think my A3 has an alarm. It's only hose the basic key, no central locking yet. Will be fitting it after I've sorted out the engine. Thanks for your reply 🙂
  3. Cheers for your quick response Gareth!!! I've had the car since Aug 2020, its had a fair few previous owners and I'm restoring it then doing it up etc. I did think it was a DIY mod that someone may have done, and I also read that somewhere. I'll have a play about and maybe get the multimeter out 🙂 Cheers again dude!
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here so apologies if this may be somewhere else. I've got a problem with my A3 - the fog lights are always on when the car is on, button is a little jammed so I'm guessing it's the switch. I've just found this double fuse in single fuse slot with a cable running under the dash, was wondering if it had anything to do with it. Could anyone tell me?