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  1. Hi Gareth, Many thanks for your reply. I have read the agreement and it is a PCP because there is a final payment - it does actually state Solutions on the header ( I must of missed that). If it was HP then i wouldn't have a final payment. With HP you own the car after the agreed period. It is a very unclear contract in comparison to Mercedes finance but I suppose they all work in differently. Am looking forward to driving an Audi :)
  2. Hi Everyone, i pick up my new Audi next week. Am a bit confused with regards to the PCP contract which i haven’t signed yet. It does not mention PCP any where on the agreement. But infact Hire Purchase not even Hire Purchase solutions? There is no mention of GFW but mentions a final payment. I have switched over from Mercedes whose finance was very clear. Am just wondering do they use a generic lease contract. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks, Nellie