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  1. All sorted...dealer cleaned jets ...works fine now. Regards David
  2. Sorted now...my fault...I'd fitted it I correctly after removing. All working now Regards David
  3. Hi. Very pleased again with service received from main dealer today. Two front tyres fitted...Bridgestone Potenza S001, £309 all in incl valves balancing and asked to check tracking which they did...PLUS... sorted my rear cargo area cover not powering up and down - my fault, I refitted it incorrectly after removing...free of charge. Unblocked rear wash wiper jets...free of charge. Updated ECU recall ...done while there. And ....wash and vacuum, which was well needed. Regards David
  4. Hi. Yes, I don't really understand the mon motors connection. No, Cardiff is slightly nearer but I now use Hereford Audi. Still retains many of its original family run business values. Regards David
  5. Hi....I have exact same problem. Mine was working until I removed from car, to put seats down and carry a load. When registered, and inserted into channels...it no longer powers up/down. Regards David
  6. Hello and welcome. I was in this position recently, needing a service and wanting an s tronic fluid change. I researched a local independent and compared to Audi. In my opinion, the independents have had their day....they had a very long waiting time to get booked in and and the Audi main dealer was actually cheaper for both items. I guess it all depends on individual areas/garages but my advice is don't discount your main dealer until you've checked. Mines going in tomorrow for brake pads and tyres.....(Yes - tyres, same price at Audi as a quote from Kwik fit !)
  7. Great....Thanks for that. Regards David
  8. Yes, will do. Thanks again Gareth. Regards David
  9. Thanks Gareth, that's really useful. I've had a look but can't see the tube...is it strapped to one of the two hinges, which have plastic covers on, do you know. Regards, David
  10. Hi. Can anyone advise please if the Avant rear wash is fed from tank at front, or does it have it's own tank somewhere in rear? I've searched in back, behind panels and can't see anything, and checked handbook but can't find any reference to rear? Front works fine, when select rear wash, can hear pump, but no water on rear screen. Thanks.
  11. Hi Steve....can you recall the site on eBay you used please ? Regards Dave
  12. Just a thought....but be careful in this current cold snap....the plastic clips will be more brittle and prone to snap. Regards
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