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  1. Hi and welcome ... My service was approx was oil and filter change and inspection approx 220. Cam belt all belts and tensioner PLUS water pump, plus full service including air and fuel filters etc.....was approx 1050 so Cam belt (all belts and tensioner PLUS water pump) approx 700 They also did brake fluid change free of charge normally 54. If you have Auto S-Tronic I advise to change that too. Most people ignore it. I think Audi recommend at 40000. Mine cost approx 170. Hope this helps David
  2. Hi. This may be for sale shortly, depending on acceptance of new job with company car. Just putting early feelers out really, to see if anyone may be interested. Can always add photos and more details later. Was not expecting to look to sell, so recently replaced brake discs and pads and tyres, including brake fluid change and thus car needs absolutely nothing doing to it. 74000 miles. Full Audi service history. Just passed mot, has 1 year and two weeks on certificate. Cam belt and tensioner and water pump replaced by Audi at approx 70000. Auto gearbox oil replaced by Audi. Recent discs and pads all round. Recent tyres. Virtually new on front. Extremely good on back. Black metallic paint. Facelift model....led lights, dynamic rear indicators, all usual S-line refinements. Alloys in amazing condition. 190bhp engine. Lovely car, maintained through business so no expense spared. All Audi receipts. Well looked after car. Owned from 46500 miles, Sept 2020, all motorway/dual carriageway type miles.
  3. Hi. Just for all those that keep going on about dealers being stealers, and we must all use "indies" (independant).... I continue to disagree and offer an alternative opinion. Yet again, just had routine work done at Audi main dealer. Full service and timing belt/tensioner and water pump replaced. Very competitive price. Plus they did a brake fluid change as it was due, and did not charge for this ! Booked in with only 4 days notice, AND as I needed a courtesy car of a similar size to what I'm used to (A4 Avant), they lent me a 2021 registered A6 from demo stock. All parts used are genuine Audi....and warranted for 12 months, and it looks way better in my service history for work to have been done by dealer. Now, of course it's individual choice and opinion, but to me it's a 'no brainer to use my local Audi dealer. David
  4. Haha....I don't know, the dealer fixed it when it was in for service. They said it was fitted incorrectly. I took it out again recently to transport a mower, and put it back in and works fine. Maybe just try removing it and putting back ? Regards David
  5. Thanks for reply.... Checked manual again, and this pressure with book symbol by it is for comfort setting ! Regards David
  6. Hello....and welcome. I've read your post and afraid I haven't really got anything useful to post ! Regarding tyre pressures, I've just had two new front tyres and after leaving garage, I kept having warning lights about pressure...so I checked them all, and stored in mmi. Yes it didn't ask me what each one was, just for me to confirm that all as they should be......thus my related post below ! I'm sure someone will be along soon with better answers to your questions...be patient !! Regards David
  7. Hi. Does anyone know what the symbol means in the pic below, on the chart. I understand the symbols of what you are carrying in the car...but what is the pic of the book ? There's quite a difference in psi ... Thanks.
  8. All sorted...dealer cleaned jets ...works fine now. Regards David
  9. Sorted now...my fault...I'd fitted it I correctly after removing. All working now Regards David
  10. Hi. Very pleased again with service received from main dealer today. Two front tyres fitted...Bridgestone Potenza S001, £309 all in incl valves balancing and asked to check tracking which they did...PLUS... sorted my rear cargo area cover not powering up and down - my fault, I refitted it incorrectly after removing...free of charge. Unblocked rear wash wiper jets...free of charge. Updated ECU recall ...done while there. And ....wash and vacuum, which was well needed. Regards David
  11. Hi. Yes, I don't really understand the mon motors connection. No, Cardiff is slightly nearer but I now use Hereford Audi. Still retains many of its original family run business values. Regards David
  12. Hi....I have exact same problem. Mine was working until I removed from car, to put seats down and carry a load. When registered, and inserted into channels...it no longer powers up/down. Regards David
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