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  1. Hi Gareth, Yes I have took in consideration of the warranty by audi. There is only a year left to go for warranty wise. As for insurance purposes I am not paying that much for it just now. I have remapped a lot of motors in the past, I have looked into remapping the s3 from other forums and they say that it wakens up the car. I am not one for big exhausts etc. Just a stage 1 remap would suit me. Not interested in any other mods if you understand. I am just looking for some advice. Thanks
  2. Hi guys. I have recently purchased a 2019 s3 saloon. I am interested in getting a remap on it. Looking to get it done start of next year. What map would people recommend remember that I am in Scotland and not travelling 100s of miles to get this done 😂. Also does anyone have any tips or hints with the s3? Thanks
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