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  1. They said it was one of the injectors, apparently it was causing a short circuit that's why the car wouldn't start and would randomly stall. Picking up the car on Friday so will find out if they were right !
  2. I see, thank you ! I can get it done for free but it's the timing that makes it very difficult. because I never know when the car will start ....
  3. Hi, Yes I have called the place, and they said I can get the original map re-installed.
  4. Hi Everyone ! I have bought an Audi A3 8p 2L TDI (170 HP) STOCK 2005 with 120k miles, engine code BMN. After a month of using it with no problems I go a map for 200 HP installed. However, the next morning after the map was installed the car had problems starting, however, it started. After that the car would randomly cut out while town driving or very soon after starting the car. Although if I made it to the motorway I would have no problems. Sometimes when it cuts out it wouldn't start up again until I have waited for around 10-20 mins then it would start with no problem or some times it
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