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  1. Update. Bought an OBD2 reader and got U0101 - No communication with TCM error. Any help appreciated,
  2. Hi all, My name is Jojo and Ive bought my first Audi A3 (2008) couple of weeks ago and everything is worked fine until Iv tried to install a Pioneer head unit. After I plugged everything in the stereo couldnt turned on and since then my car wont start with an error message "ESP Fault see owners manual" and a short beep. I was reading so many blogs and forums and figured that it might be the battery. Ive ordered a brand new battery which Iv got today, and after installing it, the issue is still the same. Ive checked the fuses but couldnt see any unusual/burned fuse. Iv got no new fuses at moment so cant try it. Sorry for my poor english, and thanks for any help in advance,