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  1. Steve I have changed the bearing and the sound did not go away. It was quite rusty and the dust shield needs replacing due to rust. However the bearing seemed fine. I have done some more dissemble and trouble shooting. I had both wheels up and turned them around a little bit and gave them a good jiggle. I also did the same with the drive shafts. Nothing! Squeaky clean, no play, no leaks, I will swap the shafts in due course and report back. Thanks Steve for replying.
  2. Dear all. My car is producing a droning sound from front right wheel area. The sound is always present, it is only affected by car speed, it is the worst at 60mph and it does not come up until 30mph. There is no vibration associated, the car does not does not behave any differently. I have swapped the tyres and sound is the same (swapped left to right, front-back), tyres are new (symmetrical tread) alignment done when changing the tires back in January this year. Shifting is smooth not vibrations, clutching does not affect the sound. There is nothing loose under the car which could
  3. It was the same with mine. Loosing coolant through the expansion tank (there is a small hole on the bottom of it and it was wet), poor heating eventually no heating, engine temp normal, top pipe to the cabin/matrix hot, bottom one luke warm... Back flushed the matrix and flushed the whole system (quite a lot of debris orange in colour and looked like flakes), which unblocked the matrix but in a month time it happened again. Changed the matrix everything works fine-ish there is still sloshing sound coming from the dashboard but not to bad, I think there could be some air trapped I intend t
  4. Yes. At the end I replaced the heather matrix which was blocked (have not opened it up to see what was it blocked with). My coolant levels are now normal and the heating works, however I have replaced it with OEM part( Valeo is what was installed) and the design is not the best I should have gone and spent a little bit more money! <- Just as an advice from my experience, do a research and look if there is a better part for it. There is still some slushing sounds from the dashboard so there might be some air trapped there, I will back flush the matrix again when the weather gets a bit w
  5. Hey Guys I have the same kind of issues on my 2013 1.6tdi A3, local Bosch garage said it can be a can of worms and straight forward said we need a car for couple of days. Below are my finings so far. 1. My heating stopped working a few months after my Coolant pump and timing belt was changed (by local Bosch German car specialist garage) 2. Changing the thermostat did not solve the problem (by my self) 3. Looked at all the ventilation flaps and motors, all OK 4. Back flushed the matrix (there was quite a lot of debris, which looked like a pulp fr
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