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  1. Hi Sarah, do you fix your cars, or just here for interest?
  2. Rail in in my test rig. Number 3 leaked at less than 1 psi. New injector fitted and car running like a dream again. Not a horrendous job to be honest.
  3. I only got the Injectors out today. Luckily I bought a fuel injector test rig awhile ago, I have hooked it to the rail and can't even get 1 psi of pressure before the no 3 injector starts dripping. Hope to get a replacement tomorrow.
  4. So, after having put my foot down on a dual carriageway, only up to around 65, I eased off and suddenly I lost power and could feel a lot of vibration. Later I also noticed smoke. I limped home with the engine light on. As luck would have it light went out and no codes stored (Autel hand held scanner). That said she was missing and it wasn't long before the light was back on. P0300 and P0303. Expecting to find the usual dead coil pack, I did a quick resistance check across the four of them. All measured ok. Lot of unburnt fuel could bee smelt from the back end. Decided to compression test cyli
  5. Hi all, new here. I've been fixing cars as a hobby since I was 17 (now 51) and have always preferred the VWAG car. My A3 sport back is my 2nd Audi, my previous car being an ARL powered SEAT Toledo which I had for 11 years. Any how hope to post a bit and also make the odd video. Mike
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