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  1. as above looking for a set of lowering springs for my a4 b6 or coil overs if the price is right
  2. hope so with the weather and no shed doing stuff or even trying to get the motivation to work on the car is near impossible,, thanks for the welcome
  3. welcome along,, yeah you could say that its the colour that i love,, ill keep an eye on your thread for it
  4. hi all said id throw a introduction up im nick from Ireland drive an 03 a4 in crystal blue metallic, this is my 2nd a4 first one was a great car never ever let me down until I started having a issue with the car using water took it to local mechanic told me head gasket was going so I sold it to him he said he wanted it for parts then I find out it was only a leak coming from a water housing located at back of engine under vacuum pump for brakes oh well lesson learned, anyway enough of that look forward to reading some posts and finding out a bit more about these if anyone knows anything about
  5. I recently replaced the front drop links in my a4 and now when I turn full lock I can hear a scratching/catching sound jacked it up and seen that the bolt on the top of drop link on passenger side is nearly touching the shock now the drop link that I got didn't come with bolts so I had to re use the original one and I had to put a spacer on the bottom as the bolts were to long. anyone ever seen this happen before
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