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  1. I recently remapped & not sure coincidentally developed a fault, as the car now hits a rev limiter at 5400rpm. I did have something flash for cat oxygen sensor, but I've cleared that fault. Is there an commons things that cause you to go into safe mode?
  2. Well being a TT owner, the extra time clearly would be spent on my appearance 😉
  3. Hi I bought a MK1 TT 225 a week ago. I tested the 0-60 & consistently got 6.0, I figured I had some launch skills since I thought it only had Milletech exhuast. I remapped it today & it turned out it already had an eco map to around 235bhp. 😆 It's now been turned up to 260bhp, hoping combined with a Pipercross panel air filter, redex & 99 octane rather than 95, I should be able to shave off a decent chunk off that time.
  4. Hi this is my recently bought 225 Quattro. Currently it's a only got a Milletech exhaust. Managed a 0-60 in 6.0 consistently. Tomorrow I'm remapping in up to 265hp, go higher but it has 150k on the clock. Hoping a with Pipercross panel air filter, Redex injector cleaner & using 99 octane fuel should shave around a 1 sec off that.
  5. Hi, this is my recently bought TT. The only mod it has is Milletech back box. I'm looking to remap, I found a stage 2 that boosts it up to 275bhp. The turbo's very healthy on it, would this be safe with a standard intercooler?
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