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  1. Hi Kevin I don't think it's that. It's hard black plastic bolted down and shaped to follow the spare wheel. It backs on to the rear of the car Regards Jezz Wilson
  2. Hi there The battery in my 2009 a4 avant is jaked and needs replacing. When I have had a look at the battery retaining strap 2 of the fastenings are obscured, by a large black plastic object. I have no idea what it is or it's function. Can this be removed to enable battery change and then replaced. Any hints,help or ideas would greatly appreciated Regards Jezz Wilson
  3. Hi I've just joined today. I have a few audi cars over the years, at the moment I have a 2009 a4 avant and 2016 quattro avant. Hopefully I can learn a bit more about living with an older Audi as 2009 has had a hard life. Regards Jezz Wilson
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