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  1. Thanks Gareth. I will give that a go. As mentioned before it would be nice to see if anybody knows if there is a replacement part made by another manufacturer. Also to see if anybody knows if getting the LHD version just needs some adjustment with the wiring to get it to run in the correct direction. There seems to be very little info out there to suggest this kind of help.
  2. Apparently the part is discontinued in 2017.
  3. New or second hand is fine. Also any thoughts on getting a LHD version and altering it to run as a RHD.
  4. I am looking for a wiper motor for an A8 D2 3.7L petrol Quattro. RHD. Bosch/Audi part number 4D2 955 113B. I believe this number is for the RHD version of the car. I am willing to replace it with an alternative manufacture. I have tried a lot of places to get this part but have failed. Any ideas welcome.
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