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  1. I did say around...I’d only seen that one. Ours started working but it will need repair and £1500 isn’t an economical repair for a 10 year old car.Can you post some links ?
  2. Hi , My partners 2011 A3 cabriolet car has the HID bulbs (DS3) but they don't seen to be that bright and she struggles at night... Can anyone recommend an upgraded bulb ?
  3. My Partners A3 was involved in an accident with a Deer...While being repaired some idiot decided to take it out and rag it, resulted in a full engine rebuild and as my partner worked at Listers head office at the time it was taken there and the engine rebuilt...so we got a 5 year warranty with it. Its twice been back with failed tensioners......Audi UK know all about this issue but haven't held their hands up
  4. Hi Chris.. This happened to my Mrs Car few weeks back, Its a known issue and eventually the cluster will need replacing, The bad bit is the Cluster will need replacing by Audi as it needs to be matched to the ECU and all the independent Audi garages cant do it and the cost is around £1500 !! I Have seen a company advertising repair the existing unit for around £300 and this would mean wont need to be matched as already is
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