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  1. Hi bought this last week and had it out for a run today and can't get the cruise control to work no lights on dash . Found a few posts for manual saying about the clutch switch but mines an auto so no clutch switch ... any ideas please
  2. Thanks for input.... I have bosch filters to use (air , oil , fuel )... As long as the oil I have falls in spec for the car I'll use it as I can't see the point of leaving approx 15l of oil sitting in the shed... When I bought the mannol for the d5 volvo I read the reviews and it had good recommendations
  3. Thanks for taking time to reply ... I've got 3/4 of a 20l barrel of 5w30 mannol premium fully synthetic that I used in my Volvo xc90 . I'm going to write down the details on the drum and check if that's suitable
  4. Just bought it last Thursday. Before I put it on the road I,m going to do the timing belt kit inc water pump. Aux drive belt kit , full engine service and change the cvt fluid ... Just wondering what engine oil you lot are using and where are you getting from ?
  5. Couple of pics of the new toy.... Has 145k miles some history. 12 months test drives spot on no knocks , bangs or funny noises. Before I put it on the road I'm going to change timing belt and water pump. auxiliary drive belt. service engine and change cvt fluid . Going to get the oil pressure tested just for piece of mind & change the hex drive if needed Any other ideas on what to do let me know
  6. Hi just bought a a4 avant 2.0tdi b7 . This is my 2nd audi over the years I had a b5 avant 1.9 a few years back. Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge that forums give
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