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  1. Hi Glen, I received my code yesterday and to be honest am a little disappointed. I can see how much fuel I have and other information that’s available whilst in the car anyway. So, the connect really only allows me to open the car from anywhere in the world. Not, sure I need to do that either. I was hoping it would start the car on a cold day at the very least. Unless I’m missing something I could live without it. Maybe there are more features I’m not aware of? Perhaps need to explore in more detail. Julian
  2. Good luck Dave, I think Audi should provide a year free with any sale they make!
  3. My car was 15 months old and comes with the balance of Audi Connect. So, they have ordered a new tag at no cost. I haven’t yet received it mind you.
  4. I am in that exact same position and will call Audi customer service tomorrow to find out what I need to do. Sales guy wasn’t exactly informative but it was a Saturday click and collect. If you find out first post here 👍
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