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  1. Thanks Steve , should hopefully know more early next week. We’ve left the car with the garage now .
  2. Hi Steve Just wanted to update you on the saga of the car. We did a change of the sensor on the brake pedal - which was a good idea - Thank you. Unfortuately this did not resolve the problem (although it was pretty worn so at least its replaced now) The diagnostics is showing a faulty on the ECU , so the garage is trying to look into the possibility of the Unit being refurbished - with a lifetime warranty, to try to help reduce the costs etc. We’re praying this will be a manageable option - as of course the nightmare costs of a new ECU will be totally gutting.
  3. Hi everyone, Just a quick update - unfortunately the recoding of the battery has not solved the non starting issue. The garage recoded everything as suggested - and the equipment highlighted the fact that we had attempted to start the car almost a dozen times first thing to get started - but did not identify what the cause was or any “actual faults” So - back to the starting base again . Thank you for your advice - it was appreciated though Michelle
  4. Thanks Steve, I will keep fingers crossed and let you know Best Regards Michelle
  5. Hi Steve Following your advice I have now managed to get the following info from the garage who did the battery: The new battery fitted is a Platinum AGM Stop-start Batterry - based on the needs of the model and registration number. He advised he did not “recode” with the new battery as its not needed to be done previously , and also he felt as the fault was already in existence with the old battery it would settle itself with the new one. His advise was also that - if t was the new battery needing coding - the auto “Stop-start” button would not kick in when the car is
  6. Hi Steve Thank you so much your advice is invaluable. I don’t recall the garage actually using a laptop or similar device after installing the new battery - so this could be a good starter for me to query. There is a mobile diagnostic company I have just found who are “specialists in Audi” so i also contact them after the weekend and enquire - based on your guidance. I will keep you posted - and Thank yu again. Michelle
  7. Hi Steve, Thak you for your advice. Greatly appreciated. In respect of the correct battery - I assume so as its the regular garage who usually services the car, and he ordered based on the registration number etc. For recoding the battery - they did come and fit the battery at home -( as it wouldn’t start to get to the garage ) with this in mind - is there something they should have done then to recode the new battery ? Or will I need to take it to a Audi specialist to now check/compete this Action? Sorry to ask a basic question - but this particular element I assume
  8. Please can anyone advise on the following issues which have suddenly started on our A7 . Had the vehicle 18 months with no major issues but the following events have happened and now at a loss and worry how to proceed further: Approx 6 weeks ago the dash showed “Low tire pressure” checked and inflated the tires where necessary - and stored the readings - as previously done without issues. Following day - engine would. Not start - dash show “Press brake pedal to start engine” Remote works for looking/unlocking, radio and all other electrics work. dash reading still
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