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  1. I wonder if anyone can help. My radiator has an unrepairable problem and needs replacing. My local garage can't source one and Audi stopped parts supply in 2018. I require a radiator for 2.0L non aircon light load. All I have found are untested used ones on Ebay. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Wayne
  2. Many thanks, that's very helpful
  3. Many thanks for your help. Will post how I get on. I may be panicking unnecessarily about the engine, it just sounds old. I know it has had the head skimmed at some point. The previous owner had it for 7.5 years and is used to older cars, he has a Scirocco and a TT he looks after so has kept it maintained .
  4. My 80 sport 8v has 162k miles on the clock and am thinking of an engine rebuild . It seems to perform OK but unsurprisingly is a bit noisy. Any ideas of cost and any recommendations for who will do a great job. I am in Kent. Also I would like to have the car resprayed in its original colour. I have not gone this far with a car before so would appreciate some guidance from those owners who have.
  5. Hi. This one came from Somerset. Many thanks for your info. I will have a look and see if I have any luck or do as you suggest and place an advert. Wayne
  6. Have just purchased a 1993 80 sport. The drivers seat has a very bad spot of wear I would imagine caused by driver getting in and out over the years. I think it's beyond repair so am hoping to replace it. It's dark blue and cloth. Would anyone be able to help. Thanks
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