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  1. Ye seen that one for £799 just wondering if there is any others or that anyone knows if any other part numbers will be compatible as thatis bit on the expensive side 🙂
  2. Hi i recently bought a a6 2.0tdi sline for a very good price because the abs pump had been changed by a reputable garage and they have put a different part number abs pump on which all works fine parking brake all works fine but when coming to do the calibration test is failing and throwing fault codes up for parking brake, abs controller ,esp etc so abs light and esp lights are on. so need to source the right pump. which i believe is 4f0614517m but i cant find one anywere and just wondering will any others be compatible. Thanks for any help given 🙏
  3. Sorry to mention its on an audi a6/c6 2.0tdi 140
  4. I have had a abs pump replaced by a local garage and it will not code into the audi up on a bit of investigating the numbers dont match up just wondering if anyone knows the compatibility the pump should be 4f0614517m from audi parts They have also thrown my old abs pump But the one installed is 4f0 910 517 AC. Any resolutions would be fantastic
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