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  1. Didn’t even consider googling this one. School boy error. Thanks jdragon.
  2. I had no idea. Thanks all for the responses and guidance. I’ll check the sills at the weekend
  3. Hello all, I’ve had this issue for some time now. It’s a right hand drive 2019 A5 and I get a rather disconcerting sloshing noise over my right shoulder when accelerating or braking. Of course with the petrol cap on the right side that was my immediate thought but I find it hard to believe that would slip through the design and quality checks. I have given the doors a good shake, nothing there. I see no liquid leakages of any note. The volume does vary over time but this could be weather or fuel tank level. Anyone else suffer this? Thanks.
  4. Appreciate you getting back to me. I have already tried the logout and reinstall approach hence the ticket ti Audi. It must be specific to my account then.
  5. Adding this here but it is a general issue with the Audi app. Until recently within the app under Service topics I was able to see the Service plan and Additional work. The Service plan contains all work carried out on the vehicle to date. Additional work provides a list of time and mileage dependant tasks that need to be done like pollen filter, brake fluid, spark plugs and so on. This Additional work tab no longer works for me on multiple devices. I opened a ticket with Audi but getting nothing from them. Basic question here is does this still work for you guys? If not any clue what is going on here?
  6. Thanks Gareth. I do t have confidence so I will certainly look for an electrician. My local Audi has been the one diagnosing all this. I would have hoped they had checked the system during that process. As for coding, I really have no idea what that means.
  7. Appreciate all the responses. I haven’t had an independent check done on the charging system. I wouldn’t know where to go honestly. As for coding the battery I have no idea what that is. A new battery has been fitted and for now it appears to be working fine. All I had to do was reset my auto window setting.
  8. More frustrating than interesting. The alternator was replaced before the first battery replacement so shouldn’t be the cause of this latest failure. In fact the charging system should be in tip top form. This is my frustration. A year old battery and a year old alternator so I shouldn’t be having another battery issue. I have given up on Audi now and got a Halfords fitting, they came to me and it was over 50% cheaper than the discounted Audi price.
  9. Well they did an audit of usage yes. They said 10+ miles or 30 mins a day but for me that is BS. I have had the car 506 days and done over 7000 miles in that time. So over time I pass that unwritten rule. Is 20 miles or 60 mins on the second day acceptable? It can get really silly really quickly. I appreciate long runs are needed from time to time. My wifes I10 is older and on same battery and has done far less mileage than me. Granted the car is wayyyyy different but still. Even the sales manager bulked at a) the cost and b) the frequency! He couldn't do anything for me though. Going to Audi UK but don't expect much from them. Maybe a snogogramme on social media would get a better response.
  10. Hello all, Is it normal for a vehicle battery to need replacing every year? My A5 is a March 2019 model. Clearly it came with a new battery. I bought the car from Audi in July 2020 and shortly after there was an alternator recall so it was replaced. Then in September 2020 my battery became "faulty" so I got it replaced. Granted I got a discount but this is battery #2. A few weeks ago I got a battery low warning after a long run. It has struggled to start since. Audi reckons it is under-use this time and want to charge me £481! This is battery #3. Granted I don't put a lot of miles on and most of my trips are under four miles a day but it is used regularly daily. No one can tell me how many miles I need to do and is it really acceptable to have to drive your car just to keep it drivable and functioning? The manual mentions bringing it into Audi to get charged monthly or get a trickle charger for home. None of these are practical. So going on this usage I might be back here soon for battery #4! They say I can call Audi UK to appeal which I will do. Anyone had similar experiences? Got any advise how to proceed here? I must say this is unexpected from a company like Audi and really has taken the sine off this car. Thanks, Russ.
  11. Thank. Yes it does go back into place and works fine. Just need to be careful next time. I was asking more around if this is common. Maybe I was just heavy handed.
  12. Hello all, I got a battery low warning for the first time today. Annoyingly the day after it was serviced by the dealer! Anyway it seems this is a consumable part and customer replaceable. Unfortunately for me I did this and snapped the battery holder. It seems rather fragile actually and a bit of a design flaw. Fortunately the Key still works but unfortunately the holder isn’t replaceable as a part. You have to buy the whole transmitter at over £230 a pop! I’m just wondering if this is a common problem and if there is a source for these? Thanks, Russ.
  13. Hey Gareth, honestly no I didn’t notice it. It really isn’t obvious when you view the car standing up. You have to get up close to :) That said there is too much damage to have happened in the ten months and 3000 miles I have added in that time. I haven’t seen an option for mud guards. thanks.
  14. Thanks Steve. You are right of course but mine seems to be worse than any other car I have had this far. The area is literally sprayed with marks. The reason for the question was more around the experience of other owners with the same car. Maybe mine is so bad due to a previous owner having a gravel drive for example. I would be interested to hear others.
  15. Hello all, I noticed significant stone chipping on both door sills nearest the front types yesterday. It’s obvious why it is there as the car has no mud guard. The outer inch or so of the tyre is wider that the sills meaning debris will be thrown off it and onto the car body work. My dealer won’t fix it and quoted over £600 to put it right. A lot of money to splash out every two years which is the age of the car. It has done 17500 miles. Is this a known problem with this type of car? Anyone else managed to get Audi to fix it? Thanks, Russ.
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