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  1. Hi Steve, for some reason I can only see the first two lines of you last msg again. It says to read msg I must sign in. Yet I'm signed in here, but not to reply to your msg. Again I've tried for pw reset and no reply from Audi Owners. Do you think it's best to get remap again and see if relays can take it this time. Put your advice in first two lines. Thanks Steve.
  2. Hi Steve, thanks again for your help. I've forgotten my password so it won't let me answer to your last message, and it only allowed me to read the first two lines. Luckily you mentioned PCM, so I went down that angle. I searched you tube and the was a video with exactly same symptoms as mine. Solution was to change relays 457 and 645 and it has solved the issue. Thanks again, you seem to be my go to man for my problems. Can't understand why I can reply on here, but not to your message. Still waiting for Audi Owners Club for a pw reset. Kind Regards Don
  3. Hi Steve, I've done 500 miles since the gearbox oil change and it's running fine. My mechanic said the oil that came out was very dark. Don
  4. Hi Steve, thanks very much and will do. Don
  5. P0B0D is the code Steve.
  6. Hi Steve, when it happens, notice comes up saying, gearbox malfunction, shift lever to P, and there is no drive. Car has done 106k, I've had it a year and and no gearbox service as yet. I thought it was a lifetime oil, or am I just hoping 🙂. As you suggest, gearbox oil change and service maybe the best starting point.
  7. Hi Steve, thanks for your help on previous issue. Can I please hug you some more. What's your knowledge like on Aux Transmission Fluid Pump Motor Control Module. I've resetted the gearbox and car runs fine for couple hundred miles or so then malfunction comes back. Is it a module in fusebox or something on the gearbox. Thanks in advance. Don
  8. Thanks Steve, that's given me more to think about. Car still going great and running real smooth. Just waiting for the Hydra to come.
  9. Hi Steve, yes all good now and thanks for the heads up, will definitely be getting the Hydra Maximus, well tell you the truth, I've just ordered some. In the past I've always used Forte, but willing to try and improve. What's your thoughts on EGR blanking plates, lots of pros and cons. Don
  10. Hi Steve, we have success at last. After changing that sensor car was ok for a bit then I got it remapped. However issue came back and the dpf was a common factor. So I've put dpf, egr and injector cleaner and car is now running great.
  11. Thanks Steve, that'll be great.
  12. Hi Steve, codes were the same P0102 and P0104. YesbI think it's best give it a forced regeneration as it's always coming up.
  13. Hi Steve. Part came, fitted and cleared all the codes. Car felt much smoother. Ran it for about 100 miles then faults came back. This time for MAF DPF and EGR. Do you think it's a possibility other sensors are also faulty?
  14. Hi Steve, thanks for the advice and info. Parts ordered and on their way. Will let you know result. TVM.
  15. Thanks Steve for your info, greatly appreciated. Where do I find the MAP Sensor?
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