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  1. Had it to a 3rd mechanic who couldn’t find any issues… today I removed the battery as I’ve noticed a lot of engine movement and I’ve found that the gearbox mount has a lot of play in it, that requires minimal force to move side to side, going to change it and hopefully that’s my issue solved
  2. Took it to the local mechanic and they said everything was perfect… it just doesn’t make sense, it either has to be the shocks or shocks and top mounts.
  3. Found a local mechanic Steve, literally up the road, gonna give them a call tomorrow see when they can book me in , luckily they close at 6pm, which makes it 10x easier for me
  4. I’m dreading the racks got an issue, the car to me is not worth spending that much money on.
  5. Whilst where talking about my issues, now I’ve noticed when I turn my steering wheel side to side while stationary it’s now creaking quite a bit whereas the other day it was only lightly doing it.
  6. Il buy some shocks mate, the springs look ok, what else should I replace? I may aswell get new top mounts for what they cost.
  7. That’s why I bought them mate, I’m gonna see what local mechanics I can find to book me in to have a look, because I can’t cope with how rough it feels now, it’s fine on decent roads but as soon as I get to a rough one it’s horrific.
  8. Gonna have to take it to another mechanic, and from eurocarparts mate, I purchased trw ones
  9. Went to my mechanic, he couldn’t find any issues under the car but there is deffo an issue somewhere, the car feels harsh going over rough road and the knocking noise seems to be getting louder.
  10. i totally agree steve, people think because a car has lower mileage that it will suddenly live longer, chances of engine etc being in better shape are much higher but as you say, rubber perishes regardless. i will keep you informed. thanks for the help.
  11. fingers crossed on friday the problem is all sorted mate, expensive week its going to be as i also need 2 new back tyres.
  12. its 110% coming from under the car mate, you can hear it in the footwell and then when i put my head near the front wheel it was underneath. fingers crossed its just the tie rods like we say.
  13. I’ve got her booked in for Friday Steve, today I noticed when I turn the steering wheel when stationary with the engine running I hear a creak Near the footwell, so I got my girlfriend to turn the wheel side to side slowly whilst I listened near the front wheel and it’s 100% coming from the front driver side and deffo near the steering rack, again can only stipulate its the tie rods until then. I’d assume if it was the steering rack it would be a lot more obvious or am I wrong? Other than when turning stationary I don’t hear any creaks etc when turning.
  14. The thing is ive checked my tyres every day for at least the past 4 days and they don’t look to be wearing unevenly, this is what’s odd.
  15. just an update guys, decided to jack the car up and if i grab either front wheel at 3 and 9 o clock i can turn it quite a lot, i tried it with the steering lock on and it was making a noise, which i can only assume is the steering lock itself. ive looked at the springs and they look fine, but i did notice today on my 80 mile trip home when going over rough roads i get the metal knock noise but the car also feels very harsh going over rough terrain, almost like the shocks on its way out, again i can only assume. fingers crossed it will be sorted by the end of next week.
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