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  1. So am I correct in thinking that of you carry on driving, the only way to get rid of the fault is to replace the ABS control unit and hydraulic part? Simply changing the sensor again will not resolve it?
  2. Hi Gareth. I researched a bit on line and could find no such recall in the USA. Has anyone else tried looking or had any luck? If found how could this help our case here in the UK given Audi UK would say Audi USA is different country and different manufacturer etc.
  3. Hi. I had a phone call with the assistant to the director. I questioned her about the problem and she said that every complaint / error brought to the dealerships attention is relayed back to head office and if they deem that there is an underlying issue, only then do they issue a recall. I raised concerns that there is a significant number of people having the same fault and she said all that we can do it lodge a complaint with the motor ombudsman who can then look into it. I have the same issue as yourself Foxy but they have not offered any help towards the costs. The cost differs
  4. I missed a call from the directors executive customs relationship manager too. I Will give her a call back tomorrow and see what she has to say but I think if everyone emails Andrew Doyle and the customer services email addresses and expresses their concern over the safety of their audi vehicle it'll hold much more weight. We Can refer to this group where there are tens of affected customers with this fault so there's some sort of trail.
  5. I've sent an email to both emails too. I'm waiting for a reply saying similar that they've not heard of it and sensor wasn't changed at audi etc etc but let's see. Next step will be trading standards / Watchdog.
  6. I was told by an ex-Audi mechanic that it could but when he sent mine off to be fixed they returned it saying it couldn't and that a new one would be needed at a cost of £3k. Thats when i took it to Audi and they confirmed that it needed replacing. I agree that they really need to look into this as its such a vital component of the car that has this fundamental error. Its good/lucky for most of the people on here, that they managed to get the sensor replaced in time but for the ABS unit to be irreparable after driving a few miles is a flawed design fault and needs to be investigated.
  7. Hi Marc. Did Audi manage to switch it off? I have the same problem and they said it can't be cleared and the ABS control unit and hydraulic part need replacing. I also had sent it to audi Nottingham. Dev
  8. Hi Paul, Glad to hear your issue got fixed. When you say you didn't want to run into the ABS issue - what do you mean exactly? i fear this is what I have done unknowingly and now looks like I need my ABS control unit replaced? Dev
  9. Hi All, I have a similar issue but maybe not as simple. I have a Q7 which i bought from Audi 2nd hand and 2 weeks after my 12 month warranty ran out I had a warning sign come up saying 'Brake Servo Restricted - continue to drive but visit garage' or words to that effect. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I failed to purchase extended warranty and also didn't manage to get the car into the garage for a few weeks. The warning sign then changed to 'Brake: Fault - Stop Immediately' - or words to that effect and comes up every time the ignition is turned on. A few days later the brakes sta
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