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  1. ahh ok no problem, i'll contact them then 🙂
  2. Do you happen to have a link to an example exhaust I can have a look at? or perhaps if you could get a pic of the finished article on the car it would certainly help.
  3. Dear Members, I'm looking into replacing the standard exhaust system on my A3 that has been on it since birth. The car is a 2005 A3 Quattro Sline, and I'm not sure whch system to look at due to all the extra mechanical parts for the quattro under th car as this is not a standard spec. I'd like to make sure it's stainless steel so I don;t have to worry about replacing, and i'm donwring if I can customise so instead of just having the standard 2 double at the back, having a double either side. Andy help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Cliff, Sorry for the confusion, I moved to Scotland as part of my medical discharge from the military in July. I'm gradually updating all my addresses but I'm sure your aware that there's almost always a couple that get missed. Do you happen to have the names of any of these companies? Regards Andrew
  5. Hi everyone. Ive just had 5k worth of bodywork and electrical/mechanical work done on my qudi and it niw looks as goid as new. I have 2 issues 1 is the dashpod has a fault but its no longer made so im looking for advice on if its better to find one in a breakers yard or send it to an autoelectrical company to fux it. And 2 im looking to retune the car for better performance and efficiency but im not sure where in scotland the best place to get this done is. Any help is welcome
  6. I'm not so sure because it's an integral part of the central console and i'm not sure how much of the central console might need to be altered to allow the fitting of thse items.
  7. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I last poste dion here due to a house move, health issues and starting university. I'm now in a position where I can start to think about having some work done on my A3 Quattro Sline. I had genuinly thoguht about replacing this car but it turns out it would be more economical to repairt it and run it for longer than to try and get an ew part ex car. Turns out that Audi can't even give me an accurate poart ex price because this model is now quite rare, and even without the Sline spec they rarely get quattro's in anymore. I'm looking tot ry and find somewhere that can replace the old cigarette lighter with a chargin port/12v power supply for use on longer journeys. I'm also trying to see if I can get a hands free kit modded into the car for said long journeys. The only problem is Ii'm struggling to find anywhere up in here that deals with custom installs. I was wondering if people might know somewhere I caould get thse kind of jobs done. Fingers crossed you can all help. Regards Andrew
  8. The problem is the catch on the back of the driver side lamp that holds the back on has broken off so at some point it will be an mot failure. There's no way to replace the catch cause it's moulded as part of the headlamp unit, so the unit will need to be replaced
  9. I'm almost 44, so I'd rather ensure I can see well at night. I'm recovering from bowel cancer as a result I was diagnosed with AFAP and one of the side effects of it is deterioration in eyesight. I'm thinking get it done now before my eyesight does get worse.
  10. Thanks cliff. I'm thinking that if i'm replacing things like headlamps I might just go ahead and get something newer with more powerful headlamps. I'm wondering if any of the more modern A3 headlamps with fit my car...
  11. Yeah it's expensive to replace whole parts on these cars. Just the mention of audi and you can see a body repair experts eyes light up.
  12. Yes they definitely have sentimental value. My eldest boy who's 5 loves the odd drive in 'daddy's fast car' and I think he'd be devestated to see it go. I've made sure it's regularly serviced and recently had 2 new wings a rust spot on the door and new sills. I'll need to check out those areas on the doors though, just wondering if it's likely to mean 2 new doors or a patch job.
  13. Had it since 2010 put a lot of time and money into it too 🙂
  14. very nice. any idea why I can't put some of my pics up? keep getting a 200 error. I'm wondering if the files are too large.
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