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  1. I have booked a diagnostic test with Audi but the local garage now think it may be the ECU - so we shall see!
  2. Thank You. The Local Garage have informed me that the catalytic converter needs replacing and this is causing the engine to lose power. The estimate for this is about £2,500 - which is a similar figure quoted by Audi plus a £200 diagnosis fee to satisfy themselves that this is actually the problem. Bit of a dilemma here - as the car according to the local garage a 2013 Audi Q5 with 86,000 miles on the clock is only worth (market price) about £11,000 and in reality less with a faulty catalytic converter. So, I am deciding whether to offer it in part exchange for a new vehicle, or pay for the repair.
  3. Dear Stevey Y, Sorry I am not mechanically minded - the BEM module and diagnostic platforms VCDS or Snap On mean nothing to me.Is this something the garage should have done when they fitted the battery? Also what is the purpose of the warning light on the dashboard? - please see initial picture. Kind Regards, John
  4. Gareth, Again thank you for your prompt reply. I will check whether the Yuasa battery is suitable for the car - I suppose calling the Audi dealer would be the best way to do this. As far as coding the new battery to the car, is this something that can be done from the dashboard? ,or does it need to be done professionally using a device of some sort? - I suppose I could ask the Audi dealer at the same time as when I check the battery. Kind Regards, John
  5. Dear Gareth and Steve, Thank You for your prompt and detailed replies. There is a warning light showing on the car dashboard (please see the picture) and the local garage who service and repair the vehicle thought was due to a faulty battery, and so replaced it with a Yuasa YBX 2019 .The car is a 2013 model. The light however has not disappeared and the garage tell me that I need a new sensor which they have ordered. I find it alarming that the car can suddenly and completely lose power - I was only doing about 15 miles per hour on a quiet country lane at the time - but it would have been a different (dangerous) story if say this happened on the motorway. I am not particularly bothered about the "stop-start" ,as Steve suggests I have always been sceptical as to whether it does help the environment - but I am concerned about the complete loss of power. I don't suppose the catalytic converter would have anything to do with it? - as you have probably guessed I am not particularly mechanically minded. Kind Regards, John
  6. My Audi Q5 whilst travelling today suddenly lost power although the engine continued to run. I managed to freewheel downhill into a safe space ,turned the engine off and restarted it, and I was able to continue my journey. But the same thing happened again a total of 4 times during the 7 mile journey. I reached my destination but have left the car there. I notice when I turn the engine on I am given the message “Start-stop system:system fault.Function unavailable” Any help or suggestions much appreciated! Kind Regards,
  7. Good Morning, My 2013 TFSI Quattro Q5 is due new tyres. The current tyres are Bridgestone, 235/60R18/103 W with "AO" stamped on them. The vehicle was my former company car - so I didn't have responsibility for tyres! Any recommendations would be appreciated. Kind Regards
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