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  1. The result from my local garage after inspection, (an MOT testing station), is the front discs do have quite a lip but this is made to look much worse due to a build up of rust, as suggested by Magnet. The discs have a few thousand miles left and would sail through an MOT test at present, so not quite as urgent as I feared giving me a little time to decide on whether to stick with OEM or try and find a longer lasting alternative. Despite an extensive search I have had difficulty finding good quality alternatives, Brembo don't make a front disc for the SQ5, also I would only want to risk changi
  2. Hi Gareth, thanks for having another look at my rant. The Audi Health Check states on the right hand red column, under the heading Immediate attention, "20%PD Front Brake Pads + Discs heavily lipped, price £1052.78. The service desk returned the key and gave me the paperwork at which point I asked if meant 20% worn or 20% left and was told it was 20% worn, 80% remaining. I will know much more after Thursdays' visit to my local garage. I would be reluctant to move away from OEM, particularly as the brakes have performed well, but don't like the idea of having to replace the discs and pads
  3. Thanks for the responses to date, a lot of good advice and information. A good guess Steve, this was spotted at "the good old inspection", along with a recommendation for the rear discs to be inspected again in 6 months time. Both front and rear discs were described as being heavily lipped. The pad wear in both cases is stated on the dealer Health Check Report as 20% of original thickness so the discs have only lasted for one fifth of a set of pads! The car has not been driven hard, I have put 21k of the 34k miles on myself. Although the pads have plenty of meat left on them I am expecti
  4. Hi, new to the forum and looking for some advice after a recent dealership visit! SQ5, 2016 reg., 326ps version, 34,000 miles, and told new front discs and pads are needed at over £1k. I have put most of the miles on and the pad wear is described as being 20%, this car has obviously not been driven hard. Am I just unlucky or is anyone else experiencing this sort of premature brake disc wear? I will definitely not be replacing with OEM after this experience. If anyone has any recommendations for upgrade it would be very helpful as in the past I have normally been happy to stick with OEM.
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