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  1. Keep getting this fault now and again any ideas why?
  2. Hi guys is there anyone with remapped 40 tdi quattro is it worth/safe to do and what is the cost for a decent one? any advice welcome thanks
  3. Hi guys can u tell me what exactly do I get with the tech pack above the standard equipment apart from virtual cockpit? Is the sound system better than standard because the one I tested played really well compared to my c7 and it didn’t have B&O logo anywhere?
  4. Yes it was cold but on a warm day after 5-10 min it should be warm enough. From what I can see your is 2021 model (40 tdi quattro?) and I wonder if there is some sort of software update available that you had it from new and mine will need to get done. I looked online for owners with similar experience and found something about software updates but for 50 tdi and I think this has 8 speed tip tronic box but these guys had exactly the same “problem” and a new software helped them
  5. Hi Steve I haven’t collected the car yet I’ve only had 10-15 min test drive it’s getting prepared for me now. All I know is it’s just over a year old and done 9500miles and had a health check at end of March. I have no experience with automatics so it’s hard for me to say (only tried it in dynamic mode) but there is definitely a short delay between when I floor it to when the car actually moves. Once start moving it’s pulling fine it’s just that short delay I’m worrying about I was expecting sort of wow effect from quattro. Thanks for any help/advise
  6. Hi guys I just replaced my c7 avant (manual) with c8 40 tdi quattro s tronic when I took the car for a test drive it felt like getting it off the line takes forever is that normal with auto gearbox? because setting off on busy roundabout can be very tricky
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