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  1. Hi Steve, I have had the car for about 4 months and have been monitoring the fuel uptake behaviour, the exhaust colour looks fine, yes agree I could take it in for a diagnostic check, no lights on the dash plus temperature is normal, engine noise is fine as well. Just wondered if there was anything that could be done to improve the mpg apart from getting a Toyota Prius.....!!! Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, has anyone had severe mpg problems (averaging 21-22mpg) with a TDI quattro (184) S-tronic, my previous TDI FWD 8V (150) had an average around 45-50 mpg for 2013 plate. This has to be one of worst mpg figures I've experiences in the last 20 years owning A3 diesels. The car has been regularly serviced and I use premium diesel fuels plus driving style is normal but I cover a lot of urban driving. Appreciate any advice / recommendations. Many thanks Mike
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