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  1. Thanks Gareth. The used car dealer is over 2 hours away, so I wanted to see if I could get an idea of the issue before I got in touch. I still don't know if it is an issue or just a feature of the 2.0 TFSI engine. I was hoping someone here might know these engines well and could give me some pointers. I can do a replacement diverter valve myself, but i can't do a clutch and DMF. The audi dealer might be able to pinpoint it quickly, that is all, with just a quick drive. The noise is annoying, but the otherwise the car is without fault. Oh, BTW the 2.0 TFSI has a toothed bel
  2. Hi all, new to the Audi experience having just collected a 2007 convertible 2.0 TFSI. First impressions are... I love it... what a well put together car. It has 130k miles on the clock with full service history in the book. It didn't have any other receipts or paperwork, but it starts, runs and goes really well. MOT history wasn't anything to worry about. But, just one niggle. The engine is loud under load in second gear, from 1300-1800 rpm. the noise is virtually un detectable if I drive like a granny, but the slightest bit more right foot and there is the noise. Is a metallic high
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