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  1. Hello Ken Thanks and I will certainly mention it but I’m no mechanic but would that not show as faults on the diagnostics. That shows no faults at all last time it was done. Even when hooked up from a cold start. And the mechanics I use are as sound as a pound, in the family and wouldn’t try to have me over. But I’m certainly open to any new suggestions. As I said it runs really nicely but it just that nagging doubt that something will go pear shaped!
  2. Mate it is the weirdest thing. Perhaps something will surface but it hasn’t after a year. famous last words!!!!!
  3. Hello, all the starter motor components were changed. Diagnostic doesn’t show anything. it’s a year since this first began. If you start from cold, it makes the noise. Turn the engine off and on again, it won’t do it. Leave it for half hour it won’t do it. Leave it for 2 hours, it will then do it. but to my untrained eye and mind, the car is running very nicely.
  4. No mate. Changed the starter motor as told it was definitely that and still makes the noise. Took it back to an Audi garage and they said the diagnostics were spot on. At first they tried to make out there wasn’t a noise until I insisted I be there when they started the car from cold and hey presto it did it and they were like, not done that before when we did it, I said to them please, Don’t take me for an idiot but a year on it still makes the noise on first starting the car but it still runs like an absolute peach. so it’s a mystery but as long it’s not causing me problems, it seems I have to live with it.
  5. No worries it is the “whirring noise” that concerns me and 100% it’s a Petrol car. Perhaps it’s the filming of the clip but it doesn’t sound like a diesel when standing next to it. It runs and drives like a peach as well. I’m taking it back to the garage. They will sort it out as I can’t fault them in 30odd years of looking after numerous cars.
  6. Hello thanks for replying. it’s Petrol, only makes that “whirring noise” from a cold start and seems to run otherwise as sweet as a nut. With a new starter motor now in, I’m just worried it’s something more sinister going on. thanks Paul
  7. Hello all, first time post. My daughter has an A1 which was making a strange noise from a cold start. It lasted a second. It wasn’t a high pitch screech or clicking. Just low level noise. If you turned it off and back on, it didn’t make it. I took it to the garage I have used for 30 years and in a nano second both mechanics said starter motor. So they replaced the starter motor with a new genuine Audi part. She started it yesterday morning and it made the same noise. Any ideas IMG_1743.MP4
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