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  1. Well done moving swiftly Teresa. I do hope that all sorts out with the new sensor. I was unlucky in that I believed the on board advice which said that I could continue driving and ended up with the full expenditure £3k +. I didn’t find this great forum in time.. Audi are quite shameless that they haven’t issued a recall.
  2. Hi Carl Speaking as one of the unlucky ones who had the fault, went to Audi who diagnosed a new sensor was needed but didn’t have one in stock, then was allowed to drive away with a return booked for 2 weeks hence. 4 days and 19 miles later the ABS ‘bricked’ borrowing a term being used on this forum 😂 I had my car relayed to Audi then had a huge bill, £3600, to get my car back. My heartfelt advice, contact Audi Assist who have been known to carry these sensors on their AA vans 🙄 and do whatever is needed to have them come out to you. If the dealer says they will cover costs then the small cost of joining Audi Assist £99) should be a bonus to you going forward. Good Luck Pen
  3. Hi Annie There’s loads of info and also the part no. in the various posts ahead of yours You will read that some AA vehicles actually carry the part as they are affiliated with Audi Assistance. I didn’t know that when my problem occurred and hadn’t joined this site 🥺 it ended up costing me iro £3600.. pls don’t make my mistake ! Hopefully you are still with Audi Assist, if not rejoin as I have done. Maybe you could telephone them with your problem, rejoin and ask them to come out to you and you will pay their charge as you’ll prolly not be eligible for the visit as too new a member regardless they are a huge help The time it takes you to read through all of this topic will be the best money saving advice I can give. Good luck and happy holiday. Pen
  4. Good luck Chris 🙏. Keep us informed.
  5. Hi Dave Well you should pat yourself on the back and also immediately run your luck and buy a lottery ticket 😎 cos you’ve saved yourself over £3k. Happy Days. This forum is keeping a lot of people safe let alone sane. It shouldn’t be necessary to have to rely on luck when you drive a quality car but it seems the powers that be are shameless. Pen
  6. It’s a really helpful forum Joe. If you make the effort to scroll through this topic you will find the part number mentioned several times.
  7. Sadly Dev my Q5 was recently out of warranty. Due to lockdown etc I’ve only done such low miles. You’d hope a quality brand selling motors over £50k would have a little more regard and respect for its customers but NO they deny receiving any emails etc and state that they don’t read forums as they can’t be sure the contributors are real people ! I would have thought the fact that the replacement gasket is on redesign B, or may even be C now, was proof enough that they have a fault with the system. As somebody says earlier on in this topic, we have cheap toasters that last longer than my ABS 👹. I’ve corresponded with Audi several times, sending to Andrew Doyle but get the same answer each time from his EA Nicholas Willerton. We know nothing, it’s just your bad luck so go away. ( or in so many words). my onboard computer kept telling me it was ok to drive - until it wasn’t ! I’d been to the dealership who said it needed a new gasket but didn’t have one in stock, back order !! So it was booked in for a couple of weeks later. They did say not to drive continuously but I’d only done 23 miles when it ‘blew’. One trip back from the dealership and one shopping trip. So I’m off to court now. Wish me luck….. my main argument is that it should have been a recall notice over all the models, I can find examples as far back as 2015. Hey ho.
  8. Hi all @Ed. Surrey. Please do send an appropriate strong email to Andrew Doyle at Audi. They continue to deny ANY knowledge of this fault. I have a small claims action going through against them for refund of my £3600 costs to repair ABS on my 8k miles Q5. It’s me against the entire legal dept who deny any knowledge of this fault! I also note that horrible accident on the M8 wherein a Q7 left the road killing 3 people. No known reason yet but could the servo have failed ??? enough to panic anyone at 70mph if they needed to slow down for any reason 🥺
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