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  1. Do you or does anyone here know if engines are interchangeable in the A4 TDI B8 model and how I can make sure I am looking at a 2.0L TDI A4 B8 engine when I go to look at one for sale? Good info in the video by the way and I have took note of a few things mentioned there. I'm sticking with going for an Audi A4 2.0L TDI B8 and after watching the video I will be aiming for a 2010 upwards. I will just have to make a decision on the sports line or sports package versions when I come across them. If anyone can tell me if it is safe to remap the Audi A4 2.0L TDI B8 from 140bhp - 190bhp then I would be happy as I have seen one I'm interested in with this spec and I'm interested in this. I would like to stick with the more common horse power engine like 140bhp (Remapped) in order to be more easily able to find replacement parts if or when needed.
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks, much appreciated. I had a quick look but will have to look at that video again as been very busy lately. From the bit I seen though, there seems to be a good bit of info in that video that should be quite useful to me. Though I have since been slightly distracted by the A3 and A5 models but I haven't got a chance to really take a look at them and haven't taken much notice of them before. I think I will be sticking with going for the A4 in the end as it may suit me better on the pocket I feel. Anyway Steve thanks again for that. By any chance do you know if some of the other engines are interchangeable in the A4 TDI model and how I can make sure I am looking at a B8 engine when I go to look at one for sale?
  3. Hello to all Audi owners, fans and suporters here!! 😃 I'm a newbie here and I am looking for some advice please on buying an Audi. I think the A4 is the model I'm after but are there other models that look very similar to the A4 and maybe even better?? Audi is the car that I really like the look of and have my mind set on but I don't know much about them. I have had a few VW Golfs over the years but I'm sure there are some differences between them and the Audi not to mention the age gap. Im looking for something around 150bhp - 200bhp but would like to know which models of engines these are in a diesel and which ones are the most tuneable or easiest/safest to remap etc without causing any problems. I'm looking at 2008 upwards with an approx price bracket of €3000 ‐ €7000 depending on the specs etc. I would like to know a bit about the different engines that fall into this category and also if there front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive etc. Reliability and common issues are something else I would like to know about along with how hard it is to find spare parts (from breakers/dismantlers) for the specific models that fall into this category. If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
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