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  1. That’s shocking work on the timing belt. I agree with Steve, there should be no haggling about transport
  2. Welcome along. I'm new myself but feel a bit dated when Steve is talking about his grandad having a Volvo 760! I had one for years when I was a freelancer, it could carry tons of gear and was so comfortable to sleep in the back with the seats folded
  3. When I was a kid, all the best cars had red interiors. We still have a 1.9 205GTI with a half red interior. My first car was a VW Scirocco and I replaced the interior with red and black
  4. Still no clutch but some progress on the interior. If anyone is looking for aluminium trim fro a cabriolet, let me know
  5. It looks stunning mate. Open roads and sunshine
  6. it always amazes me how people are willing to pay more than dealer prices for stuff. Here's the trim for sale on ebay. Someone wants €20 above dealer price
  7. It’ll have to be eBay Germany. We can’t buy anything from the Uk without paying custom duties, it’s the same as buying from the US
  8. I did have my first Audi shock. If you remember I was looking for the small black piece of trim missing from underneath the front bumper. I would have expected about €25 but it’s €56. I’m determined to source one so if anyone knows any A4’s being broken, please let me know
  9. These also have a couple of scuffs but I always reckon that if they’re shiny enough, no one will notice. Although the car is still on the garage lift, I’m hoping to start claying it tomorrow.
  10. Well the wrong clutch has arrived again so my plans for today were stumped a bit. I did however, pull the wheels off and give them a polish and seal The tools needed are simple: A polishing cone on a drill and some polish. The wheel was obviously cleaned first and then polished. After polishing, the wheel was cleaned with IPA and then a coating of Gtechniq C5 applied. Here's a before and after shot, the after is on the left side. It's my first time using C5 and I must say that it's so simple to apply. Here's a couple of random pics of the results
  11. Very nice. I haven’t used the factory cup holder yet but it doesn’t inspire confidence!
  12. We’ll the wood is actually going in! The order of the pics is wrong. I think that the wood transforms the interior
  13. I know that this may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like it
  14. Top has had a decent drenching with Gtechniq I1. It does stink a bit but shouldn’t need to be touched again until next summer. I’ll have it folded when I’m mopping the bodywork to avoid any splatter
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