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  1. The sensor is actually more expensive than the cat being a wideband sensor! I didn't want to just keep changing parts I don't need to
  2. Hi, I have high emissions on my A3, 1.6 petrol. I have done a full scan with my diagnostics and no fault codes are stored. The rear O2 sensor is at a steady 0.7V but the front sensor is around 2V. (Not sure if this is correct for a wideband sensor). Any ideas?? Bad CAT? bad front O2 sensor?
  3. Hi, I have a proper brake bleedng tub with pipe and one way valve. I have just tried bleeding on each individual pipe on the ABS unit, to no avail. I have also blanked off the pipes from the master cylinder and the pedal goes rock hard so mushmt be from the ABS unit onwards. Thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I am getting clear fluid, no air bubbles. I have tried undoing the nipple and letting it bleed itself as well as having an assistant to pressure the brakes as I undo and do up the nipple, which also has not helped. Really struggling as to what to try next. Thanks
  5. The boot latch works as a switch for the light. I replaced mine as i had the same issue, and this fixed it. Sometimes you can give the latch a tap and the light will flicker on and off. Hope this helps.
  6. Today I changed the brake master cylinder on my A3 because the brake pedal occasionally went to the floor. The brake fluid was black, so assumed it must have been the seals in the master cylinder. After changing, I bled the brakes in the normal way, started with the O/S/R wheel, then N/S/R, then N/S/F then O/S/F. However no matter how hard I try, I cannot get a good pedal. Am I missing something???
  7. I checked on the gov website and there are no outstanding recalls, and I believe the emission recall was for diesel only, although I could be wrong
  8. There's no fault code in any system on the car. I'm now wondering if it's a wideband sensor and that 2V is normal?
  9. Hi, I have an Audi A3 1.6 8V (Engine code BSE) which failed the emissions today. After a throttle body clean, it managed to pass but right on the 0.20% CO limit. The lambda and ppm are good. The front O2 sensor is reading 2V and pretty steady, seems rather high. The rear sensor is at a steady 0.7V. Is it likely that the front O2 sensor is faulty or perhaps the cat? Any help much appreciated
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