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  1. Hi guys ! I’ve manage to find the issue. The i had a problem at the connector of the cable. Was closed circuit (interupted). The electrician scan the whole car and check the ABS connector and found the problem. Everything is alright now Thank God 🙈 if somebody has a problem like mine i recomend to look at the connector from ABS module and the circuit from ABS TO THE WHEEL/WHEELS where say on scan is a fault. The car works and starts perfectly ! I had a job to Luton so thats 250 miles journey with not a problem. Thank you all for the support ! ❤️🤗🤝
  2. Hello guys! I own a Audi A6 2017 (67 plate) and i have some problems with it. The problem is when i turn right on the Dash comes out : Esc/abs: fault , hold assis unavailable, tyre pressure fault , audi adaptive light fault , brake servo system fault , hold assist unavailable , main beam unvailable. I went to the mechanic and put the tester on it and said about the Abs Module and Abs sensor. Ive change the sensor woth genuine part ( TPS UK ) and same problem…today i went and check it at electromecanic to see and he said their is the ball bearings wheel the magnet is not good anymore… ive change that also with genuine part (TPS UK ) and no results 😶 i put the tester again and gave me this errors: C101B14 and U111300 to be honest im desperate as i dont know what it has. Can somebody who had the same problem can help me ? Please ! Thank you very much ! Regards
  3. hi mate! i have a Audi A6 2017 67 plate and have the same errors in dash and when i turn the engine and move the sttering to the right everything pops up. ive change the abs sensor [ genuine part from TPS UK ] and nothing...today ive change the ball bearings on wheel [magnet] and stil the same. im desperate. did you resolve it ? let me know please
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