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  1. @Magnettomorrow i'll go to friend of mine...he told me that there is some black connector near the computer that need to be changed (that black connector is doing something related to the engine,and i really do not understand what he is saying) and he told me that last year he and his friends spent almost a week to find what is causing the same problem like i'm having 😁 tomorrow i'll let you know Regards 👋
  2. diagnostics said that there is nothing wrong!
  3. Hello to all of you Audi lovers! I'm experiencing serious problem last few months... First i changed fuel pump because i was thinking it's because of the pump...i put LPG and still having same problem...i'm driving,audi is working like charm,and when i reach low rpms (before turns,traffic lights),audi stops working in a middle of driving!!!! immediately i turn key to ignition,audi is working like nothing happened....after few kilometers same thing is happening... Any help will be very appreciate Thank you in advance
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