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  1. Sorry Dave I didn’t even ask answer your original question!! When I bought the car the MMI screen would come on and go off again. Straight away this was because the rear wiper pipe had come apart and put water on the boot which in turn blew The amp I fixed the leak that’s all dried out then the dealer has sent me to an audio specialist they spent about four hours on the car and they replaced I believe some components in it. Satnav works RadioWorks heating system works on the mmi screen just features missing so I think it’s about coding tbh !!
  2. Yeah sorry Steve after a few too many beers and a frustrated head my mouth got the better of me!!!
  3. The leaks been fixed,Mmi has been fixed so I know that’s ok it’s just certain functions are missing off the screen I.e Bluetooth ,tpms,rear camera and adaptive suspension
  4. I feel a !Removed! now !! The above have helped me no end so just delete my last post what a weapon I am!!!
  5. Sorry I shouldn’t of said that! this forum is a great help to so many audi drivers. I’m just getting frustrated and should not take it out in a really good life saver in Audi owners 💪👌🏼👍👋
  6. What’s the point of this forum! no one wants to help you . I would give any experience I could at the drop of a hat ,just don’t get it maybe I’m inpatient , I don’t know just feeling really low at the moment and a bit of a tit bought an Audi spent over 4 weeks of my life thinking I’m doing my dudilidhnce and turns out I’m a mug and I im spending every last sweat of my labouring life paying to make my car resemble a road worthy part of the Audi community!! and breath
  7. Hi guys ,has anyone experienced this in the past? missing: parking camera Bluetooth tpms adaptive suspension thanks Karl
  8. Lol yeah it was interesting Steve !!! I may have got the full amount if you were there😂!!
  9. Best advice I could give is do as many checks as you can on the cars and if possible have someone you know mechanic savvy? but it’s always a risk second hand cars as I have found out myself!! best of luck mate
  10. Big shout out to Steve and Gareth for your words of wisdom . after a heated discussion for about an hour the dealer is going to pay for £1100 the new valve body and I’m gonna put in £250 not a100 % perfect outcome but it is what it is and I just want to confidently drive my audi without worry. thanks again guys 👍👌🏼
  11. Hi guys , sorred it , as Big Dave said it was the rear washer pipe that connects to the wiper someone had joined the pipe somewhere and bodged it .it came apart at some point but it’s now fixed !!!😄
  12. You got balls Steve!! but I understand your logic, let’s see what he has to say on Wednesday, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt ! This is the murky world of second hand cars unfortunately and I’m a realist , I know you take your life in your hands and to be fair I have been lucky. im 46 been buying them since I was 17 and come out on top with a reasonable car most of the time with pure luck !!
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