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  1. Hello, Where would I find my engine designations? Is it part of the engine number, and if so, any clues as to where the engine number is to save me a search 😄
  2. Hi Steve, If it is burning, I assume it outside the engine specs to burn so much so quickly, so it must be a failure of something causing oil to be burned?
  3. Hello, First post here so forgive me if its in the wrong channel. I have an Audi A3 Cabriolet TFSI, 2011 which I have owned now for almost exactly a year. When I drove it home from the dealer, it ran very rough at idle and in 6th gear, which I disregarded as "perhaps I'm not going fast enough for it in 6th" - however after it idling in a car wash for a long time, I pulled away and it went into limp mode. I diagnosed it as plugs and or coils, so I changed all the plugs and coils. While changing them, the car that was sold to me as fully serviced, was missing a compression washer on the 2nd cylinder... I wasn't particularly amused, and the dealer ignored all my attempts of communication. Fast forward a little bit and my car was loosing oil quite rapidly, every 100 miles or so... it was also loosing water, and I feared the worst... a head gasket. Fortunately, after taking it to a reputable local garage, they diagnosed the water pump was leaking (how much for a water pump!?!) and that there was a very small oil leak at the bottom of the engine, but after a road test it was decided that leak would not be the cause of such a fast loss of oil. They topped all the fluids up after a flush and said "We're not sure, keep an eye on it" - they also carried out compression tests, crankcase tests etc. and said the readings are spot on, gaskets and rings should be absolutely fine. Today was MOT day, and I took it in with the following readings from where I have driven it until the oil warning light comes on: 63 Miles 80 Miles 59 Miles 170 Miles (Thicker Oil) 123 Miles (Thicker Oil) I had to put thicker oil in because thats all the garage I stopped at had, what oil you ask, I've forgotten and its raining outside, but I'm going to say I went from 5W-30 to 5W-40. After the MOT they concluded that they couldn't find a leak, and that perhaps it's the turbo, though it isn't particularly smokey, and definitely not blue. So here I am, sorry for the essay, but hopefully someone could point me in the direction of what to do next, it is getting rather expensive topping up with oil so often.
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