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  1. Thanks for everyone’s comments I’m just going to have to wait until the next thousand miles comes round so I can see if the dipsticks gone down any hopefully not though. The reason I’m being like this is because I owned a Vauxhall corsa with 50 k on it and it never needed oil until the annual service every 12 months so you can understand why I’m ultra paranoid. Me thinking buying low mileage German with history would be a good idea anyway I’ll keep everyone posted on consumption roll on a thousand miles so I can get true result
  2. Thanks Gareth would you say the over fill I mentioned and shown on dipstick would the .5 ltr be up to where I said the bottom of the orange part on dipstick or do you think it did need topping up with .5 ltr
  3. Sorry it’s not a clear picture but the oil level is up to the bottom of the oval orange plastic
  4. I’m trying to upload picture of the dipstick to try and show you where the oil level is up to but it keeps saying error upload failed
  5. Hi Gareth it’s had the Audi long life service plan some services it’s gone 2 years and others it’s been done 1 year as regards my annual mileage I don’t do more than 4K tops 4.5 k a year I only got to work and back and local short journeys cheers Pete
  6. Sorry not on end of dipstick at the bottom or top of the fill guide
  7. The oil filter is a man probably placed by the car shop not sure if it’s a genuine Audi filter I’ve not got a clue about cars hence why I’m on the Audi forum for advice. And no I’ve not drained the excess oil. But I know it’s right up to the orange bung on end of dipstick
  8. The car was going in for inspection of timing chain rattle which they said they couldn’t hear which on hearing other 1.4 tfsi engines on you tube I’m going to agree with the car shop on this one my gripe is that told me a master technician had looked at my car and he knew what he was. On about. So why did a master tech over fill my oil
  9. Just to put it out there I bought the car from car shop Warrington there your best mates one of the family if your buying. But when your taking it back it’s a different story the sales guy that sold it me wouldn’t look at me Even my Mrs said he’s just put his head down pretending he’s on his computer when I went to collect the car from the service area
  10. Thanks for your comments I totally agree the car has 26k with full Audi history I’m going to check every 2 weeks oil level and re post on here middle of December with level results
  11. Just realised it could be the dealer where I bought it from as i had taken it back last week due to what I thought was timing chain rattle they said it didn’t rattle that’s the sound of the engine on first start up for few seconds oh and we’ve topped your oil up by half litre in which I said to him I thought it had oil and filter 3 months ago when I bought it he said yeh yeh these audi and vw burn oil a lot anyway I’ve just checked the dipstick and they’ve over filled it it’s gone right past the full marker so I’m now wondering if it did need oil after all. We’re they topping it up to justify they’ve actually done something when I’ve taken the car back for inspection on chain rattle my engine code is the caxa I can’t find any heavy oil consumption threads on that code sorry for the long post
  12. Just wondering if it is normal to use half a ltr in just over a thousand miles I’ve only had the car just over 3 months with 26k on it full Audi history
  13. Thanks for you reply. But it’s now out of the 30 days and I’ve just noticed today a intermittent judder on idle but Rev needle doesn’t move up or down and a strong smell of petrol
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