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  1. Thanks for you reply. But it’s now out of the 30 days and I’ve just noticed today a intermittent judder on idle but Rev needle doesn’t move up or down and a strong smell of petrol
  2. This is the sound on cold start it sounds pretty normal to me. But it’s when I drive of on low revs between 1st and 2nd gear it makes a right tapping noise until engines warm after a mile or so
  3. IMG_0591.MOV IMG_0591.MOV IMG_0591.MOV
  4. Hi I have recently bought an a1 1.4 tfsi 13 plate it has 26k on it with full history I’ve just recently noticed a horrible tapping noise on low revs when doing next day cold starts. I don’t think it’s the timing chain it more of scrappy sound and it goes away after about 2 miles of driving then it’s not to be heard can someone please advise me if the problem I don’t want to take it back to where I bought it because it’s miles away and they’ll just fob me of saying it’s normal or we can’t hear anything
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