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  1. I also had an Audi S3 - loved it! I traded it in for a RS6 a few weeks ago.
  2. This is my second post as a Newby. My stolen RS6 emergency black plastic key was found by Mr Keval Morarjee and handed into the dealership where I recently bought my car. I now have this key in my possession and would like to thank Mr Morarjee for his help. Regards, Robin
  3. Hi, I'm new to this and I joined to get some sort of feed back as to how members secure they RSs'. I have recently had my house burgled, I believe primarily to find the keys to my RS 6. They weren't successful! However, the creatures were able to find the little black emergency key. Since then I've had the main keys re programmed. They also took two of my wife's designer handbags and a safe containing documents and passports. How do you guy safeguard against car theft? Robin
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