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  1. Hmm, So where is the transponder chip? I was expecting a little glass capsule but not seeing anything like that. Youtube has not been my friend on this one!
  2. Anyone know what would need to be done in terms of pairing or programming a replacement transponder to the car. Presumably can't be automatic otherwise anyone could start your car with a transponder off ebay? Or am I missing something? I don't want to buy a transponder chip and then I don't have the kit to program it. Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  3. Thanks Steve, Is re-programming a DIY job? I have OBD2 cables for my Subaru and Alfa but never dabbled with the Audi!
  4. Hi all, 2011 A4 Avant S Line. I have one key that works fine. The spare key has a good battery and will unlock and lock car but when inserted in the dash there is no response whatsoever. So I am assuming this is a transponder chip issue (the good fob will start the car without an battery in it). Any suggestions on a fix that doesn't involve a trip to an Audi dealer? Just to clarify, this the fob that has to be inserted in the slot in the dash, not an "advanced" key. Thanks
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