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  1. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Basically like a treasure hunt. You're given a list of say 50 grid references, all scoring a different number of points and some only being available at certain times. You then plan which points you're going to go for in the permitted time to score as many points as possible and get back to the finish on time. Basically, ragging it round the Manx roads in the middle of the night and then having pie and chips in a pub 🤣
  2. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Another problem Rear passenger window now doesn't want to go up. Suspect regulator or something is gunked up and when I pulled the window back up by hand, it's covered in gunge 🙈 On a positive note, used the car for a my first ever scatter rally last weekend and didn't come last! Were the only crew there without a cage or a sump guard or spot lights, but I bet nobody else had heated seats and rear isofix 🤣
  3. DanB

    DanB 8P

  4. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Armrest clip arrived from China Half way through trying to fit it, started to wish I'd just bought the complete armrest 😂 Eventually got it in and back in the car. Can understand why these are a common issue as they just feel flimsy.
  5. Yep checked all the wires for corrosion and was pretty much nothing to see. I'll see how battery comes on and it it's still iffy try a new one
  6. Evening My alarm keeps going off (seemingly, only at night) and I'm struggling to find help on the cause. I've previously had the issue with the rear washer jet hose popping off, giving me the boot open warning and the hazards not flashing when trying to lock the car which I sorted. However, this time everything in the boot is dry, the pipe isn't leaking, I'm getting no warning about the boot being open and the hazards flash when I lock it but its started. I did find a couple of threads about it being caused by the battery starting to die but they all get hijacked by people talking about water in the boot 🤣 Battery reading between 13.6-13.8v when I'd expect it to be low 14s, so I've put it on my reconditioner overnight to see if I can get it up to where it should be, but if this doesn't work, what else could it be?
  7. DanB

    DanB 8P

    New rear passenger door lock fitted and now working again perfectly. Lad only charged me £20 to fit too which I'm more than happy with 👍🏻
  8. DanB

    DanB 8P

    A3s love "Common faults" don't they 🤣🤣 Drive home today and I was getting the boot open warning and then my alarm kept going off after locking the car. Quick Google and a YouTube video led me to the problem. Thankfully terminals on the switch didn't look too bad, but gave them a blast of acf50 to clean up any corrosion and then WD40 to seal and put the washer pipe back on nice and tight (glad it wasn't split) Let's see how long this fix lasts
  9. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Random trim piece been rattling round in the arm rest since I bought the car. Thought I'd actually Google the part number to find out what it was. Totally unnoticeable and was more annoying not knowing what it was than it not being fitted 🤣
  10. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Made a few purchases. Hoping the replacement door lock mechanism cures my issue. Shame it's winter and I don't have chance to sort it myself so tasking my friendly local auto electrical guy with the job
  11. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Cheers Annoyingly my door "fix" has already stopped working so may need to dig deeper. Not great timing with the clocks going back 😂
  12. DanB

    DanB 8P

    Another niggle detected. Suddenly the rear passenger door has only been unlocking when it felt like it, not ideal when the cars purpose is ferrying the little one round. Would open fine from the inside or when you press the door unlock button in the car, but not always on the fob. Quick google told me it's a common fault where the mechanism just gets gunged up over time so to either blast everything with WD40 or remove the door card and give everything inside a good clean up. Thankfully, the former seemed to do the trick 👍 Wonder if this will also work on the boot which seems to need a few clicks on the fob to unlock
  13. Are forum project threads still a thing? If not, they need bringing back 😁 Picked this up couple of days back 2007 S-Line Auto 2.0 TDI (My checks suggest 140 but not sure if PD or CR, however, insurers got 170 from their system) Few little niggles to sort out but the plan is just to sort those out, get it mapped and run it til it dies. Sometimes funny starting when hot, dies but then starts up fine on 2nd attempt - suspect starter motor needs replaced? Spare key fob battery flat Armrest clip/latch missing Glovebox broken Rear wiper a bit saggy so touching the bootlid Mats a bit tacky Few bits of paint flake on the door trim I'm sure I'll find more things that annoy me the more I use it
  14. Facebook groups are ok but cant beat a decent forum Picked up an A3 a couple of days ago as I was on the hunt for cheap automatic that my mum could use when she's on Nan duties as her iQ whilst perfect for her, was a struggle getting the little one and her pushchair in 😅 Also a handy runaround for me if the wife's using her car and I don't fancy getting mine out the garage. My van used to be ideal but looking to swap that for a lwb crafter at some point and they arent fun parking in Tesco
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