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  1. I have had no mmi and black screen for a month now and my local garage can’t fit me in untill late December so I have now had to drive at another Audi garage 35 miles away for an hours appointment. I went there and they said they don’t know what’s wrong and need the car longer. I said fine give me a courtesy car and I’ll be on my way. But no I have to wait till 6th December. i have this car on a HP contract and it’s only 4/5 months old. Does anyone know my options and rights here about what I can do or get done etc?
  2. Thank you for your help but I’m still having trouble. So I have just turned the battery on and held down the volume button for 20 seconds and then also tried with the ignition on but still no joy. Am I missing something or doing something wrong or is there another button I should be holding down on the steering wheel at the same time or something?
  3. This is what my car looks like inside. U can click down the touch sensitive volume button and I have tried that but nothing happens. Do I need the car on or off?
  4. In my A3 I don’t have any buttons as I don’t have a stick, more just a little switch to flick between gears. Even the volume control is touch sensitive for the volume. 😕
  5. Yes my local Audi garage. Now been told I have to wait until the end of December for them to even have a look at my car 😩
  6. My MMI has gone down. My screen is black and won’t turn on. On the cockpit it just says initialising on the nav and phone etc. i have no Bluetooth , sat nav, parking sensors, USB ports don’t work. I called my local garage and they told me that the 5g masks have crashed the system and they are waiting for an update. But it only seems to be my garage that knows of this problem. Is anyone else having the problem?
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