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  1. You read my mind but I seem to have miss placed the ball been on to trading standards but not much help cos it depends on what he put on the ad wich has now disappeared from Facebook so a possible visit at the weekend
  2. Turns out only the 1.6 fsi will fit or the mk5 golf 1.6 he has just bought one for £300 so that’s the repair bill up to £900 the previous owner is not playing ball with a contribution towards the repairs might have to give him a knock ✊
  3. Gearbox has gone in a 1.6 fsi will a one out of a 1.9 or 2.0 fit code is HBM
  4. Will a gear box out of a bigger engine car fit
  5. Think this is BLF according to manual so does that mean any 6 speed blf gearbox will fit ?
  6. Putting new clutch in as there is oil in them also gearbox is broke 🙄 it’s just one thing after another what gearbox will fit in that model have got a picture of engine number if that helps any advice would be most appreciated
  7. Good shout I will ask him to check it over while it’s out thanks again
  8. I know the garage owner and he always looks after me he said he would check the fly wheel as well fingers crossed
  9. Not sure mate its booked in next week had a chat with last owner who might be paying something towards the repair 😉 will keep you up to speed on the outcome just trying to the little jobs to keep him happy
  10. Good shout normally it’s just a spade connection to it back out with the multi meter and to add insult to injury that’s only a small problem just noticed a oil leak so took it to the garage and turns out it’s the crankshaft oil seal feel sorry for my son as he has just upgraded from a little corsa and loves the Audi £500 to get fixed
  11. I think the fuse with the wire coming out might have been a previous head unit install for a permanent live or it could be for the parrot hands free that is installed not sure what else the light problem could be if the fuse is ok
  12. I will give that a try during the week and keep you posted thanks again
  13. Tested the continuity with a meter and there is no power getting to the bulb holder double checked the fuse and that is ok
  14. My son has just bought a a3 2006 but the interior lights aren’t working so I checked the fuse and one of the 10 amps had blown but I only had a 7.5 but still didn’t work so I opened the light to check the bulb and there was no bulbs in any of the interior lights 😱 so I had a spare one which I put in and still no joy there is no power going to the bulb holder can anyone confirm the fuse location or anything else it could bec the boot one works 🥳 can send photos of fuses if needed
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