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  1. Thanks for your post Gareth, I think full inspection were around £150 last time I checked and I was surprised by £260 to be honest,I expect to see at least 3 vehicles to choose 1 and if I'm to pay £260 for each inspection that quickly piles up to £780 which is definitely a considerable amount.(some people pay that for their first car!) also many of these trade sellers aren't keen on these inspections.. another problematic issue regarding how long last owner kept the car is whether the last owner on record is the dealer? sometimes they buy these cars and keep them for months even more before they list them etc..so it's not very straightforward.. as an example here is the owners history of the A3 :
  2. There seems to be some misunderstanding going on. I primarily wanted some technical opinions about the issue, whether it's likely the DSG gearbox/transmission/mechatronic's typical failing sign or something else,and to get some confirmation whether I did the right thing not going ahead with the purchase. like I said I never owned an A3 or any car with DSG,so my knowledge of these cars issues is based on YouTube buying guides and other online forums. and I assumed this being an Audi owners forum will be a good place to get some more model specific information. when I test drove the car and noticed the noise,I immediately made my mind, but next day I kept thinking maybe I was too picky and it was something benign like what dealer was saying (car being cold,dirty injector,resolved by engine cleaner etc etc) hence why I posted again to know other owners opinion. like I said the car was otherwise in REALLY nice condition and in the past 2 months of search I haven't even found one that was worth going to test drive. as for the ticking all boxes,there are things that I can ignore on a used older car such as right colour,seats,trim etc but there are things that are necessary for me such as being 5 door (not 3),being automatic,petrol,1.6 litre engine (as opposed to 1.4/1.8/2L that use timing chain instead of belt).add to that full service history,proof of recent cambelt/water pump/clutch replacement that this one had. this one had them all that's why I didn't want to let it go unnecessarily and start the boring, endless search again.based on my past 2 months search it's very unlikely to find another one with all/even most of these good points. considered RAC and AA inspection but they wanted £260 and to be that's too much to waste on a 11 years old car for inspection.maybe ok if it was a £10k+ car.. anyway I'm not considering that car anymore.
  3. wow calm down.. I'm just asking because of existence of warranty and positive feedback they had.if it was a private seller I wouldn't even think twice.
  4. I don't own a 2010 or any A3 currently,profile says that because I had to choose one model,so I chose the model I'm intending to buy.. you are right, but the problem is I've been searching almost daily for the past 2 months and this one is the only one that tick ALL boxes.I'm just exhausted and tired of searching,checking histories,calling sellers etc it's a very unpleasant process. also the dealer had all positive reviews,and the car as I mentioned had full service history,evidence of (expensive and necessary) work done recently (cambelt,water pump,clutch,trans oil). I don't think I can find another example with all these any time soon.and they also agreed on PX my old car. this is why I'm still thinking about it!
  5. Dealer contacted me today saying that their mechanic checked the car and said it's nothing to do with gearbox as there was no shaking, and that they put engine cleaners and that he test drove it himself and couldn't hear the clunk/bang.(he saw/hear that happening while we test drove the car initially) is he really trying to rip me off? since they provide warranties, shouldn't they be worry about consequences,I thought even without warranty you have protection and right to get your money back (within a time frame) if you buy a car from trade sellers that turns out faulty? anyone knows how these used car warranties work? are they useful at all?
  6. It seems most issues and complains related to DSG Mechatronic issues are for 7 Speed models and not 6 speed ones. are the 7 speed gearboxes more prone to DSG issues?
  7. Hi there, I’d like to know members opinion about this case: I test drove a used Audi A3 (2010 DSG 1.6 Stronic petrol 100k millage) yesterday,the car was is great condition but immediately I noticed an occasional “bang” noise while gear changed both idle to 1 and specially from 2 to 3. I don’t have any experience with these A3s or any DSG gearbox but I am aware of DSG gearbox issues. so I decided against further testing and buying the car despite dealer (not Audi dealer!) saying it’s nothing major and should be resolved by transmission oil change! car had full service history mostly by Audi main dealer and even had clutch replaced 18 months ago,also cambelt and water pump replaced in 2019,with regular service every 2 years/10k miles.MOT history looked good and (payed) history check was also normal. it had transmission oil changed once at 80k miles (I know recommended interval is 40k) what do you think? does it sound like DSG was about to die? or could it really be easy fix with trans oil change/resetting gear box? the dealer was offering 9 months warranty and mentioned regular service history by main dealer and independent but I noticed car had 6 owners in its 11 years life. car ticked all boxes for me (price,colour,age,trim,spec,condittion) so a real shame to let it go. and I keep thinking maybe it was really fixable by oil change/reset?
  8. Yes I'm aware of current used car market price increases,but I was just hoping to get some opinions if this car is worth this price now or not,as I need a car urgently..
  9. Thanks for your reply, what do you think about the price? (assuming it's well look after and in good condition),it's the first time I'm buying an Audi and can't figure out what's the right price for a car like this.
  10. Hi all, I'm in process of buying a used A3.budget is tight around £4k,it's going to be a daily car for the city and I only do around 4k miles per year.it needs to be petrol and auto. so I've seen a 09 Reg A3 1.6 SE,only 1 previous owner with full service history,looks clean and looked after,but millage is 100k.the seller is asking £4k which is too high imo but would you say it's a good buy at £3.5k? what makes it appealing to me is FSH and 1 former owner.I'll appreciate your opinions. also the car had it's cambelt changed 6 years ago and has done another 45k miles since then,is it time to change that cambelt?
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