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  1. Hi I have been having issues with my ABS/Traction and have identified its the yaw/acceleration sensor. I am looking for a replacement one however when I type In the control module part number there are many that come up e.g 4G0907637 H02 0009 4G0907637 H02 0004 4G0907637 H02 0056 my code only shows this number 4G0907637 not the H numbers. Do you know which one will correspond with mine. Its for at Audi A6 C7 2012 S line saloon any help please thanks
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. I have the lights on for TMPS, traction control, ABS so something related to those.
  3. Hello does anyone have an Audi A6 C7 S line 2012 wiring diagram. Having some issues with modules and it would really help. Thanks
  4. Hi I have been having issues with these three lights for the past year now. get an error message on the screen saying cautious vehicle parked steep when applying the hand brake but it works fine and light flashes but goes off when I release it. They come and go. but they have been on more frequent recently. I have been to many garages and it doesn't pin point the problem. Abs sensors are fine no cuts on wires, battery fine. did a lot of live reading and they were all ok. Got everything checked. Even VCDS and OBD11 doesn't show it. Audi advised could be abs module replaced it and fault came back 2 days later still does not work. I have now been told by an audi specialist that it looks like its the steering angle sensor. Has anyone come across this before that can cause this type of issue. I once used the Carista app and the came up showing ABS outlet front right coil spring travel sensor front right coil spring travels sensor front left he said they don't necessary have sensors and the angle sensor controls those which is why they are showing up as defective. No other scan tool is showing or pinpoint the problem. Its an Audi A6 C7 2012.
  5. Thanks for the reply. do you have a similar model to mine? would you know which channels to change. I am using obd11. is it take out the fuse then change the figures from coding? thanks
  6. Hello is it possible to disable TMPS light/ Text written in dash cluster(tyre pressure system fault)? This is for a A6 C7 2012. On older models you can change the coding and remove the fuse, is that still the same case with this audi model. I believe this one uses the tmps from rotation of wheels but not sure.
  7. Hi thanks for the reply. I will be looking to change the gear box oil. the attached picture is that a dsg gearbox? the oil that I need is it a normal cvt gear box oil? Thanks
  8. Hi. I have an Audi A6 C7 2012 auto s line 2.0 diesel. I had an Engine management light on recently with this message and code. P2755 transmission fluid cooler control circuit high. It goes away some times and comes back. I cleared the code with obd11 and it went away for a day but came back again. anybody can shed some light in what this could be please. is it a serious issue? The past few days I have been driving and I felt the car jerking when it switches gears around 3 to 4. it bogs down then picks up. I scanned again for codes and got the three following: throttle position sensor brake pedal released air quality sensor Am not sure if these could also affect the experience driving. other then the air quality sensor I don't know what the other two do. Please could you provide assistance. Thanks Asad
  9. hello thanks for the reply. Both inner boot clusters indicator LED have now started blinking rapid. the outer clusters work fine. Have not checked the fuse yet. As its LED cant get an led strip. do you know how much they go for. on ebay averaging £120.
  10. Any help here guys, is their a way to fix this or would I need a new unit. I have checked the fuses and wiring seems all fine
  11. Hi I had a message on my dash saying rear light bulb and rear right indicator bulb both not working. I opened and checked and realised that I have only one bulb in the inner boot. Thought there was suppose to be two. Its a small size one aswell. I thought it would be P21 bulb but it doesn't look like it. Couldn't make out that bulb does anyone know which it is. Also the led indicator not working would I need a whole new inner boot headlight? or is there a bulb on the outer boot unit, because that seems to light up and indicate as normal. just the inside one doesn't.
  12. Thanks for all the reply guys I appreciate it. I did do a battery check myself with a voltmeter and it did seem fine but I will get it professionally done to see if they can find anything with it. Will get in contact with Halfords and take it for a test. Will update you guys one done. Thanks
  13. Hi Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at the battery tomorrow and get back to you on that information. Regarding the battery if I replace it do I have to get an start stop one or would a normal battery be suffice? can anyone send me a link to which sensor is that I need and replacing as the engine diagram points to two sensors for oxygen. The milage has now hit 161k and regarding the throttle body I do not get idling, rough milage or drive everything has always been smooth to be honest and it always starts the first time. I guess I can get it opened up and cleaned and put it back in. Someone said to me it could be the rear parking break motor, wiring around it or the wheel bearing. Is that possible I don't hear any weird noises coming from the car from those places.
  14. Hi thanks for the reply. How would I know if its the ABS module that's failing it doesn't quite pin point it. I did a further scan with a Christa app and I got some random faults today I added as attachment. never had these before. Been driving fine since yesterday and today morning with no lights on dash and they all came back on again but what also came on today was the red steering light and a message please don't drive steering defective and constant beeping but the steering did not get heavy at all it was normal. I kept fully locking the tyres both ways and the light went and then came back again. did another scan and came back with power steering control module no signal/communication obd11 code 01309. but again it goes and comes back throughout the day.
  15. Just to also add I have also checked the battery and it was showing as everything as fine. both ignition on and engine running.
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